The self-cleaning air filter

  • Product code: KN-01
  • Air treatment capacity: 125m³/min~12500m³/min
  • Design temperature: -30℃~+40℃
  • Working resistance: 800~1200pa

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  • The self-cleaning air filter
  • The self-cleaning air filter
  • The self-cleaning air filter
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  • Air filter cartridge
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 (One)Main performance and parameters

1.1 PurposeAir compressor in-let air filter
1.2 Working temperature
: -
1.3 Relative humidity: <80%,Short time(like rain season)100%
1.4 electrical safety
NEMA4,Industrial area
1.5 Filter size
≥1um  Filtration efficiency:>99.96%
              ≥0.5um Filtration efficiency
1.6 Initial resistance
: <150Pa
1.7 Normal operation
150 Pa ~ 650Pa
1.8 Alarm resistance

can be set
1.9 Final resistance
1200Pa can be set
1.10 Seismic intensities fortify
7 degree
1.11 Equipment noise
: <75dBA
1.12 Resistance measuring device security vacuum
0-3000Pa can be set



1.13Single Cartridge rated filtration capacity15 m3/min. Cartridge have advantage of wide filtering surface area, lower resistance, and high filtration precision, Resistant to moisture.
1.14 Self-cleaning air source pressure and consumption
0.5 MPa ~0.65MPa,highest 0.9MPa,Air Consumption≤





1.15 Control system power and consumption
AC220v/50HZ/250mA,Power consumption≤200W
1.16 Work Environment
Outdoor of industrial Area
1.17 Structure: Outdoor Vertical

(Two) Self-cleaning system
2.1 Pulse Width 0.16s
2.2 Pulse interval 60s


Difference in pressure self-cleaning

650Pacan be set

(Three) Self-cleaning mode
3.1 Self-cleaning program 150Pa~650Pa
unit interval 60s
3.2 Difference in pressure self-cleaning 650Pa~1200 Pa
unit interval 30s
3.3 Manual self-cleaning
Operating valve No.,  spacing intervalvalve actuation timeresistance valuealarm signal.
Provided in the control room 4~20maDCS two signals
stop startAlarmDry contact
Advantages of Control System
Disengage control from traditional relay, using dry contact combines with digital and analog, power electronic, large electric and weakly electric, The performance is more stable than other normal control system and system can extension, interlock, remote etc.

Dust removal(Air filter)
Dust removal means a kind of operation which to separate particles from gas and particulate mixture.
Different region of air have different dust concentration, Normally, Particle which diameter greater than 100μm will quickly dropped away by force of gravity, so there is no separation problem. On the other hand, Particle which diameter smaller than 0.1μm cannot raise serious questions. As the object of dust removal the particle diameter between 100μm~0.1μm, Diameter greater than 10μm particles are easily separate and difficultly to separated is diameter between 10~0.1μm, especially diameter below 1μm. Air filters into coarse grain filter, medium efficiency filter, and high efficiency filter.
Coarse grain filter:Mainly used to remove particle diameter greater than 5μm large dust, filter have large capacity, lower resistance, and poor filtration efficiency
Medium efficiency filter:Mainly used to remove particle diameter around 1μm,,this filter have medium capacity and filtration efficiency
High efficiency filter:Filter can removal diameter greater than 0.1μm,low capacity, higher resistance but high filtration efficiency.
In air separation system can choose medium efficiency filter to removal particle diameter greater than1μm.
Air separation system usually use dust removal filtration device
Self-cleaning air filter、Bag filter
* Introduction of self-cleaning air filter
Material air filter currently it is most advanced Pneumatic self-cleaning air filter in the country, The function is to removal particles and dust from row air, Technical Features:High-efficiency filter parts, equipment life up to 1-2 years.
Wide range of application can apply to dusty and high moister region.
Modular design, Small occupation area, Easy way to installation and maintenance, can operator like on-line maintenance
PLC programmable controller and imported electromagnetic valve, self-pulsed blowback dust, Fully automatic operation. This PLC controller can be provided by sets of equipment, Placed next to the machine. +86 0371 2888 8159
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