[justin] : low pressure process expander

A: In the air expansion, low pressure process of air separation plant, the expansion of air directly into the tower to participate in distillation. If the amount of expanded air entering the upper column is increased, the average nitrogen purity is reduced and the oxygen extraction rate is lower. Therefore, to ensure the required cooling capacity under the premise of trying to reduce the amount of expansion of air is to improve the extraction rate of oxygen one of the important measures. That is, in the case of a certain amount of processing air, can increase the oxygen production. The higher

[justin] : What's the warranty for the storage tanks?

What's the warranty for the storage tanks? Re: Our warranty is one year after shipment. Within one year, we will send broken spare parts at our cost upon request if it is proved to be our production defect. In fact, we rarely receive any spare parts request. If the tanks are maintained properly, they can be used for 15-20 years.

[justin] : What is your production standard? Can you manufacture your products under ASME standard?

Our products are designed, manufactured and tested as per reference standards of GB150, Safety technology supervision regulations of pressure vessels and some other reference Chinese standards. Our company has obtained the A2 and C2, C3 Pressure Vessel Fabrication Certifcates ,Grade GC1 Pressure Pipe& Vessel Construction Certifcates, ISO9001 Quality Certificate, ASME Certificate and U Stamp. So, if you ask for ASME stamp, we are able to manufacture your products under ASME standard.

[justin] : We would like to buy a storage tank. Re: Before making quotation to you, please kindly specify the following information

1) Capacity: 2) Medium (LO2,LN2,LAR or LCO2?): 3) Working pressure: 4) Vertical or horizontal:

[justin] : uses-and-features-of-acetylene

1Acetylene is the best and most versatile fuel gas for welding, straightening, bending, forming, hardening or tempering. It is the hottest flame temperature when compared to Mapp gas, propylene and propane and natural gas (2,910°C, 2,895°C, 2,800°C and 2,780°C respectively). 2.Acetylene is used as a fuel gas for oxy-acetylene welding, cutting, general localised heating, flame hardening, flame cleaning to remove rust from steel, spalling concrete and other processes requiring a high temperature flame (3,160°C when combusted in oxygen). 3.Specially purified instrument grade acetylene

[justin] : Definition of Nomenclature for Air Separation Industry

Definitions SCF: measured at 14.7 psia and 60˚F SCF: Standard cubic feet SCFM: Standard cubic feet per minute SCFH: Standard cubic feet per hour PSI: Pounds per square inch PSIG: Pounds per square inch gauge PSIA: Pounds per square inch absolute ATM: One atmosphere: 14.7 PSI Nm3: Normal cubic meter Nm3/H: Normal cubic meters per hour Bar: 14.504 PSI Kg: Kilogram Kg/cm2: Kilogram per centimeter squared: 14.22 PSI Kg/H: Kilogram per hour KPA: KiloPascals: 0.145 PSI MPA: MegaPascals: 145 PSI STPD: Short Tons per (24 hr.) day MTPD: Metric Tons per (24 hr.) day HP: Horsepower K

[justin] : How Membrane Nitrogen Generators Work?

Atmospheric air contains essentially 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. Ordinary dry compressed air is filtered and passed through a technically advanced bundle of hollow membrane fibers where nitrogen is separated from the feed air by selective permeation. Water vapor and oxygen rapidly permeate safely to the atmosphere, while the nitrogen gas is discharged under pressure into the distribution system. Pressure, flow rate and membrane size/quantity are the main variables that affect nitrogen production. Nitrogen purity (oxygen content) is controlled by throttling the outlet from the membrane bundle(

[justin] : Oxygen uses

Oxygen uses The uses of oxygen are varied .oxygen is used in puland paper manufacturing,ceramic creation,glass making and petroleum processing ,It is also part of pharmaceuticals. Oxygen is used extensively in medicine,high altitude flying, deep-sea diving and a power source in the space programs.Industry applications include utilization with acetylene,propane,hydrogen and other fuel gases for such purposes as metal cutting,welding,hardening and scarfing. One of its major uses is in production of synthesis gas which is used to make gasoline, methanol and ammonia ,It is also used in produc

[justin] : NITROUS OXIDE

CATEGORY DETAILS Chemical Name N2O Offered Purity 99.5% and above Packaging Cylinder capacity of following types: A type (1.74 m3) D type (17.1m3) Portable cryogenic containers Application :It is supplied to various surgical suites for its anesthetic functions during pre-operative procedures. Cylinder Colour Blue

[justin] : Application of oxygen?

In commerce, liquid oxygen is classified as an industrial gas and is widely used for industrial and medical purposes. Liquid oxygen is obtained from the oxygen found naturally in air by fractional distillation in a cryogenic air separation plant. Liquid oxygen is a common cryogenic liquid oxidizer propellant for spacecraft rocket applications, usually in combination with liquid hydrogen, kerosene or methane. Liquid oxygen is useful in this role because it creates a high specific impulse.[citation needed] It was used in the very first rocket applications like the V2 missile (under the name A-S

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