The Advantage of Our Air Separation Plant


     Used in a number of industries all over the globe including gas distribution, steel, glass, petroleum, food and beverages, ship breaking, scrap cutting and so on, our air separation plants are continuously achieving new milestones of success in the global marketplace. Our company manufactures & exports premium quality low pressure air separation plants of all sizes that range from 20 m³/hour to 20,000 m³/hour.
Benefits of our Air Separation Plants Include:
• Atmospheric air is employed to create oxygen/nitrogen
• World class Design with Operation Pressure between 6 to 8 bar only
• Latest molecular Sieve absorption from Zeochem, Switzerland
• Low maintenance and operation cost
• High quality oxygen for medical as well as industrial usages
• Latest and reliable technology
• No recurring chemical cost
• Easy to operate, even a single operator can operate it
        Low working pressure, low energy, low operating cost, compact design, low maintenance cost and user-friendly are some of the features of our plants that work as contributory factors among our clients.
        Equipped with the technologically advanced R&D unit, we have a team to analyze the market and update our plants as per the plants of international standard. Additionally, our engineers have years of experience in their respective field of designing and commissioning. Therefore; we serve a long list of international customers.  

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