Pearl sand is a very useful resource, but it must pay attention to safety and take necessary safety measures when picking up perlite sand. Network Security Supervision Bureau China government issued a circular to strengthen the relevant documents for Oxygen safety management in metallurgical enterprises are as follows: metallurgical enterprises installed perlite operation in the maintenance of oxygen generating device and PA, should formulate specific work plan, take effective safety measures, to prevent the "blast" accident. Especially in the grilled pearly sand before slowly and fully heating the cold box sand pearl, and open the cold box top manhole plate, and closely monitor the cold pressure inside the cold box, ensure the overpressure; should use small caliber round sand hole, no direct use of square manhole sand; when the cold box height is greater than 40 m, PA should be stratified sand, sand discharge mouth should be slow, cautious, step by step to open; with the replacement of air inside the gas through the analysis of the cold box of oxygen content in the range of 19.5%-23.0%, personnel may enter the cold box; when the cold box is being perlite, are not allowed to enter the cold box from the bottom. During the operation, it is strictly forbidden to violate the operation procedure and shorten the time limit at will.

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