China's first local human frozen story: waiting for the future to resurrection (dead in liquid nitrogen)


Recently, China's first human cryopreservation surgery has been completed, from Shandong Jinan, the first exhibition in China is frozen and waiting for the resurrection of the "patient." And exhibition Wenlian is the first to accept the body of China's frozen people - Chongqing woman Douhong, another example from China's human body frozen. The difference is that in May 2015, Du Hong chose the refrigeration organization is the largest human body freezing body Alco life extension foundation (hereinafter referred to as Alco).

The United States the largest human body frozen body Alcoa liquid nitrogen tank, the body at -196 ℃ very low temperature to wait for the future "rebirth". French aquarium tank, the body at -196 ℃ very low temperature to wait for the future "rebirth". Legal evening charts
This is the exhibition Wenlian surgeon is located in Jinan, Shandong Yinfeng Life Science Research Institute. It is noteworthy that in these two cases of human frozen cases, from the United States experts Allen Drake are involved. Drake is currently the chief expert at Yinfeng Research Institute and is also a senior medical counselor at Alcoa. Prior to coming to Yinfeng Research Institute, he has been working in the United States, the largest human body frozen body Alco life extension fund for nearly a decade, participated in more than 70 cases of human frozen surgery.

Alan Drake accepted the "Legal Evening News" reporter interview, on this "future life extension" to make an interpretation. He told reporters that China's first frozen person should now be the same as the beginning of the state of her body head cooling in the liquid nitrogen environment at -196 ℃ is exactly the same. And medicine has long been the use of low temperature to protect the body parts. The future of human freezing will be replaced by low-temperature treatment in the hospital, this technology can be directly applied to patients in the hospital now, the use of deep hypothermia to maintain the patient's life, rather than let patients into the "long-term storage" state, then will not And then need the body to freeze.

American body frozen expert Drake. Data of the United States human body frozen expert Drake. Data map
status quo

China's first human body crying is now exactly the same as it was two years ago

Legal Evening News: Du Hong from the body has been frozen for more than two years time, how is her current state?

Drake: the purpose of human freezing is that even if the passage of time, still able to protect cells, tissues and parts of the body from damage, and now we have the body of the body of Du Hong frozen preserved more than two years time, all normal, Now she should be the first time we will be her body head cooling in the liquid nitrogen environment at -196 ℃ is exactly the same, we also hope that she will not happen any change.

Legal Evening News: Ms. Du Hong was the head of the frozen, the whole process of the most difficult part of where?

Drake: At any time, for the first time in a country for cryopreservation, there are many transport planning challenges that need to be overcome. In China, we need to get from the hospital, the morgue and aviation cooperation. Fortunately, when Ms. Du Hong was treated in the hospital, we had time to conduct a number of discussions on specific planning sessions. This allows us to take care of all aspects of the process, when the implementation of the frozen time, the whole process without any delay.

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