Points for attention when loading perlite sand


Pearlescent sand is a very useful resource, but in the paped pearl sand when the time must pay attention to safety, take the necessary security measures. China government network security supervision issued a circular to strengthen the metallurgical enterprises oxygen safety management of the relevant documents are as follows: metallurgical enterprises in the maintenance of oxygen plant and papered pearl sand operations, should develop a special program of work to take effective safety measures to prevent "sandblasting "The accident happened. Especially in the case of sanding sand, should be slow and fully heated cold box of pearl sand, and open the cold box top manhole plate, and closely monitor the pressure inside the cold box to ensure that the cold box is not overpressure; should first use a small round When the height of the cold box is greater than 40 meters, it should be layered sand, the sand should be slow, careful, open step by step; use air to replace the internal gas, the analysis of the cold Box oxygen content in the range of 19.5% -23.0%, the staff can enter the cold box operation; when the upper part of the cold box with pearl sand, is strictly prohibited from the bottom into the cold box. In the course of the operation, it is strictly forbidden to violate the operating procedures, free to shorten the duration. 

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